Day 22 – Cars Suck

The hopeful feeling I had, which got me 1/6 out of the hole, completely diminished on this day. 

You see I have a pretty awesome car (to me at least), she is called ‘The Beast’. She is called this because she has kind of gotten out of every bad situation she’s been in. But not this time. No, this time she realised it was the end. 

To put this situation into perspective- I work part time and full time study at uni. I live month to month with half my pay check going to paying required bills. I don’t go out, I hardly get fast food and my “special” time is spent with one coffee a week watching the ocean. 

So when she broke down on Sunday afternoon, unable to reverse, I was hoping for the best. Maybe just an oil change was needed maybe less than $300 to fix. 

How wrong was I. I should have known I wouldn’t catch a break. 

Reverse and third gear were completely blown. Cost to fix? $1,700 best case or $3,000 worst case with the mechanic saying “it will more likely be the worst case”.

Did I say I live month to month with no savings? 

So the call to the father was hard. “Hey dad, I have no money – can I borrow an exorbitant amount, probably unable to pay you back for at least a year?” 

There’s been a lot of crying. I stopped eating again and slept for 10 hours. 

See it wouldn’t be too bad not to have a car, save a bit of money, but the public transport situation up here is not up to par. To get to work for an 8am start goes a little like this; 6.51am catch a bus two blocks away, catch a train for 15 minutes, catch another bus, walk 3 blocks. 

I would change jobs, but I have a 4 week notice that needs to apply and also need another job to go to. Plus I love my job, I love my sector. It would be hard to leave. 

I don’t know what I’m going to do. It’s broken me. 



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