Day 25 – 5ver Alone

Today wasn’t too bad. I’m not going to say life is picking up because we all know how that went last time. My mother says I sound happier then I have all week. I guess that sums it. 

I’ve been walking a lot for obvious reasons but I doubt that I’ve lost weight. Purely because to loose you need the diet portion to go with it. 

I test drove a car. I was very thankful that the sales lady didn’t try to push anything on me – we simply chatted like two people over coffee. It was refreshing. 

Although I’m now in debt, I’m not upset about it. I have a track record for paying off items with the specified time frame. So I know financially it’s going to be hard, but it will be done. 

I also strongly feel I’ve lost any sort of “relationship” with Whatshisface. Which I’m not overly disappointed (the guy has the worst communication skills), but it’s more the ‘ok, so your not going to tell me what went wrong or if what we had has ended but your just going to ghost me into oblivion’. After last time seeing him he responded to fireworks, my cute selfie (with the response ‘looking good’ which is way way off what I normally get) and my car breaking down. I haven’t gotten anything from him. 

I know people need space and may not want to talk to people… but my gut says I’m getting ghosted. Go figure. 

During exams and this whole mess of my life, my room became the physical symbol of it all. A dump of a mess. Yesterday I started rearranging, cleaning and throwing away items. I wouldn’t say it was therapeutic, more that sometimes life just gets to that point where you have to stop, look and take action. 

I guess I had to hit rock bottom to see that. 

Let’s press the reset button, bring in the rest of 2017 a little better.



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