Day 26 – Congratulations 

Congratulations – a word constantly said to me today. It wasn’t an event of saying congratulations, I wasn’t happy about this nor did I want this. 

Today I’m officially $15.5k in debt. 

Are people in sale told that putting people in debt is a chance to celebrate? I understand if you saved for this, then that’s a point to celebrate. “Congrats, you worked hard to save a whole lotta money!” 

I made a point to all the people I communicated with in that excruciating 30 minutes that ‘my dad is paying for this, I am paying him back’. This situation is not to be celebrated. I’m in debt. An interest free debt, but a debt none the less. 

Within that 30 minutes I had several people tell me that ‘hey it’s your dad, I’m sure he doesn’t want the money back’. I’m sure if the money I was asking for was under $200 (hell – my parents are assisting me the extra 600 for my medical cover) they wouldn’t be chasing me for the money. But no, we are talking about 3 possible holidays for my dad put on hold because his daughter doesn’t have the wriggle room to afford anything bigger than her monthly bills and food. I’m not cheapskating my dad on this one, idiots. 

But as all dreams have come to a crushing end, it was a sign saying ‘hey, just put yourself in debt’. 

So come Wednesday (hopefully, pending finalisation) I will be back on the road.

This will mean it won’t take me 2 hours to get to and from work – which took a toll on my body the one day I did it. 

But this is the end of the line for The Beast, in which she will be taken to a scrap yard because she is unsellable due to the minor hail damage she has. 

I guess here is to the start of my permanent life in the pretentious GC. 



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