Day 27 – Hello From The Other Side

I just don’t get guys. I know it’s a common trait in a lot of people but I’m just going to put it bluntly; what the fuck, mate. 

First it was the overly hungover 22 year old who clearly had a party hard night. I was on my way to quickly grab a coffee before grabbing some lunch with soon to be reinstated boss lady (come on September!) when this all went down on the tram. He asked me if he could sit down, which I didn’t hear him the first three times because I had noise cancelling earphones in, then he started the conversation with ‘man, I had a big one last night’. Queue me zoning out completely. When we are almost pulled up to my stop he asked me if he could use my phone to message a friend. No Bueno dude. Farewell. 

Fast forward a few hours, in which time I had a lovely day and just released thoughts that bottled, we are home feeling cutie patootee and low behold! It could not be! Can you believe it, I can’t! 

Whatshisface: looks good 

Where did he come from, where did he go, where did he come from whatshisface-boy. 

Let’s just make this very very clear: ”twas not me who initiated the comment or future comments – it was him.

I’m not hating or disliking him messaging me, I enjoy it very much, but what the fuck dude – you ignore me for almost two weeks and bam! Winky face back in the game. Fuck. 

But jokes on you; circle of life business for the ladies is happening right now. So no Bueno on you too. 

Lastly, was hit on another dude on the tram who was looking for his weed dealer. He used the word gorgeous, in taking that singular compliment. 

One day an actual gentleman will hit on me in public, but today is not that day. 



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