Day 28 – Why Is That Funny

Whatshisface: why is that so funny?

Seems that two weeks was enough to get a flurry of messages from whatshisface. I’m going with ‘he got bored’ and not ‘he missed me’.

This morning I went for an interview. Not that I don’t love my job, I love my job more than anything. I went for a job to fill in my weekend since I don’t have a social life. The job was for a Night Audit position. I have the financial background for it, but not the hotel part. 

Plus I bombed the interview so… yeah, there is a high probability I won’t get asked back. 

But afterwards, Whatshisface was asking me how it went and that I probably was fine… good luck and all that jazz. 

Oh, did I mention our “relationship” is… put it bluntly – fuck buddies? Cause you kind of need to be friends for ‘friends with benefits’.

After running around all day, saying goodbye to The Beast for the last time and finally eating something, I remembered what my boss lady said to me yesterday; “you look like you’ve lost weight”. I thought it was hilarious because the punch line is ‘that’s because I haven’t been eating’. 

Why is that so funny? 

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I haven’t been eating. 

Cause it wasn’t weight loss in a good positive way

Are u ok?

No, but thanks for actually asking me past the point in time that I wanted to kill myself. 

I’m getting better, not 100% there yet, but getting there. 

I wasn’t lying, but I certainly wasn’t telling the whole truth. 

I’m glad that you’re getting better 🙂 

Thanks. I guess. I could slip very fast and hard back into the state of not eating and a constant state of anxiety but I won’t let you know that. 


Yep, definitely not telling you that. You don’t want to hear it and I don’t want to tell it. I let you be ignorant and oblivious to it all. After all; we don’t have friends in friends with benefits.

Maybe let’s classify this… if we were to classify anything… as associate with benefits. 

Love you boo 😉



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